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  • Modified shredder
    One month on and still working perfectly, only trouble is, it can shred it faster than I can grow it lol. One little teething problem, at one...
  • Stem pierce 004 .jpg
    Hi Muggs thanks for the comment. The good thing about using the Hairpins/Bobbypins is that they are coated in either varnish or in some of the...
  • Stem pierce 004 .jpg
    I have been using plane bailing wire.doesn't last long in a kiln.rust pretty fast.
  • Modified shredder
    Hi jonny. Yeah I know what you mean regarding the guards lol I modified one of the blade spindles of the paper shredder by threading one end and...
  • Modified shredder
    LOL Guard whats a guard? O that thing we all take off our table saws and angel grinders...:LOL: i do like the idea. How did you connect the two?

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