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    Re: We have a new Facebook page

    I don't have an account, it had 300+ likes when I liked it from my wife's account.

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    Re: We have a new Facebook page

    Quote Originally Posted by FmGrowit View Post
    I'll be working on a twitter page next, but I still don't know what I'm supposed to do with all of this. If I get a few new customers from doing this...I guess it will be worth it.
    It should help with more business. .it's the way things are sold these days. ..

    I'm kinda conflicted..I'd like to 'like' your pages and" share" to help promote your great leaf..but also worried that if it comes into our government and tobacco companys attention over here..that they'll ruin it for us and put a stop to all whole leaf imports..there's so much money for those parasites to loose..that I could see them doing and spending what ever it takes to convince the government to put a stop to it..
    It just shows when they (B.A.T &imperial) sent those guys around paying everyone a $100 bucks all over nz..to get info on how many people were growing in nz..there was no way I was telling them about don& BB's whole leaf export imports. .just a thought for people in countries like ours & aussie..?

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    Re: We have a new Facebook page

    Quote Originally Posted by darren1979 View Post
    Liked both Don, keep up the good work. Out of interest will you be creating a twitter page also?
    I just noticed you have twitter Darren, I will follow you.

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