WLT Basma Pastry Party--blending notes

This is part of my continuing effort to explore pipe blends made without Latakia. My initial thought was to create a blend that was at least half WLT Basma, and seasoned with flue-cured (mostly red) and a good dose of St. James Parish Perique.

WLT Basma Pastry Party: first trial
  • WLT Basma: 8 parts (50%)
  • WLT Lemon VA: 1 part (~6%)
  • WLT Red VA: 3 parts (~19%)
  • WLT Perique: 4 parts (25%)

I allowed this blend to rest overnight. When I smoked a bowl the following morning, my clearest impression was that it tasted bitter. Aha! Too alkaline!

Lemon Virginia to the rescue. I added 4 more parts of WLT Lemon Virginia, in order to make the blend more acidic.

WLT Basma Pastry Party: FINAL
  • WLT Basma: 8 parts (40%)
  • WLT Lemon VA: 1+4 parts (25%)
  • WLT Red VA: 3 parts (15%)
  • WLT Perique: 4 parts (20%)

Of course, this was not exact, since I had already smoked a bowl from the initial blend. But it's close enough--as close as I often get in any of my pipe blending.

The final blend of WLT Basma Pastry Party offers a slightly earthy, slightly "woody" pouch aroma. The smoke is smooth on the tongue--no bitterness and no tongue bite. It is soft and mellow in character, with a mild floral touch from the rich Basma content. The nicotine strength is medium to full.

Next up will be an array of similar blends using Prancak-N1 and BaldiĆ³ Vera Perique.