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    I need your opinion

    Im a capitalist, not a good one though one of the 100%. I come here when I can and like to look at leif for sale. The information from real farmers is a great asset and makes this site unique.

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    I need your opinion

    i hope it is so sucessfull,,, that you got to hire someone to give you a hand,,,

    i could possibly send a lot of traffic to the baccy selling '' forum''

    i havent really advertised to a group of friends on antoher forum i visit,, that has nothing to do with baccy growing,,,,

    that they could buy baccy cheaper by the pound from '' here'' this site,

    ive posted my '' past grow,,,the kilning,,,and the finished product '' there''

    and a lot of people have shown incredible intrest,,,,

    but the '' cold'' months i guess will be slow times for the site,,???

    because no-one grows baccy during the winter,,,,

    but hopefully with the selling of baccy,,, and word of '' typing key''

    this site will take off this summer,,,,

    it's i.m.o. doing fine right now,?? but what do i know of managing a website,

    best of luck FM<

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