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    Soil type - sandy, silty, clays

    Quote Originally Posted by pastorj View Post
    Was wondering how well tobacco plants do in very rocky (almost gravel like) soil. Will it deter proper plant growth too much?
    I can't help you on that one. The soil I am actually growing in has been screened. I can tell you lots of rocks came out. I them added a little silt and peat moss.


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    Soil type - sandy, silty, clays

    My driveway is (or was) gravel, but is now pretty much covered in a shallow coating of grass. Last summer, around July 1, I still had some leftover transplants in little peat pots and plastic cell trays. As an experiment, I removed the sod from a back area of the gravel driveway and, with great difficulty, planted 4 tobacco plants into the gravel. One, I accidentally stepped on, so it never did much after that. Two of them were savagely attacked by flea beetles, it being late in the season, and grew poorly. The fourth, Izmir Ozbas, grew beautifully, reaching about 48" after 9 weeks (early September).

    The driveway Izmir Ozbas is the tall plant.
    Notice the free growth of weeds and grass surrounding it.
    It was truly on its own.

    My other Izmir Ozbas plants, which were planted in early June, in properly prepared soil, and kept carefully weed free, reached about 6 feet.

    The conclusion I can draw from that experiment is that, so long as the nutrients are in the soil, tobacco doesn't care about rocks. Once the plant is well established, it flourishes.


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