Agreed to recent comments...i only put a drop of glycerin in my eyedrop. I dont think i need it but i have 2 bottles so.....
Imo when you only case a a lb or 2 at a time you dont need a humectant....why add more chems

i also dont like the bite that glycerine adds...if you taste glycerine has a bite and warming effect to your tongue

i think the licorice extract adds a neutral taste to offset sweetness.
Y current casing recipe is in my diy casing posted works well

i use tangerine emulsion from amazon in lieu of the fruit extract....
I find it
is best to leave the casing to sit for a week for the flavours to mellow/even out

licorice is also a natural stimulant ...from what ive read...

gdaddy ...where did you get your licroice root and was it powder or liquid extract.