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I never have liked sprite, but I did use coca-cola, on a can of tobacco I had, the tobacco was grown in a pueblo near here, not sure what kind of tobacco, but any way it had dried out to much, couldn't really roll a decent cigarette,as it would crumple up to much, then fall out of the paper, just dust,..so I poured in a little coca-cola, put the top on the can, shook it up real good, kept it sealed, well later when I was ready to roll another, it was a little bit to wet, so I poured the tobacco out, onto a piece of paper, and left it in the sun, for about 10-15 minuets, once it had dried out enough to roll, I made my cigarette, it was great, better flavor then originally and burned quite nicely. The rest I put back in my "tin", and the lid on, to keep it from drying out more,..it worked nice, on that tobacco, however I tried the same on another type of tobacco, and it did not taste very well, it burned ok, but the flavor was nasty. I found, that the other type of tobacco, just using a orange peel, placed in the can,with the tobacco, sealed, over night, moistened the tobacco,and gave it a excellent flavor. Conclusion, sprite, might taste just fine,and even improve one kind of tobacco, but might not have the same effect of another,..Dr. pepper, the same, I like doctor pepper, I do bet it would work well on some types of tobacco.
Try it on a small "plug" or amount, if you like it great, if not ,well that way you don't waste to much tobacco,..or sprite,..
ahh, on the lemon, or lime, I tried Lime peels, because I had no oranges, and lots of limes, but it did not work out well, at least to my taste, it gave the tobacco a very bitter taste, and burn my throat.
DO NOT try to use hot sauce, or chili , green peppers, or such,...well for the daring give it a try, but I promise, it will make you gag and cough,choke, it is terrible,..burning chili is the nastiest smoke I have ever experienced, some how some did get into some tobacco I had, I know it was chili, because it was the same as when my wife is roasting chili peppers, sometimes they start burning a little, and the smoke makes me choke the same,...hurts your eyes too.
That is at least for smoking, now, some of the people here do like,chewing tobacco, with chile added, or a "hot pepper" flavor, they even have candies that are "chili" flavored,.. personally I think they taste terrible though.
I bought some casing that smells like A1 Sauce. Skeptical, but is worked OK.