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    Re: Pipe Repair and Refurbish

    I do't know much about pipes, but I do know some about wood. I'm guessing that the wood needs to be very hard and uniform. It would also need to be free of natural oils that would add some kind of flavor to the smoking experience. Those two criteria alone would eliminate most kinds of hardwoods. I have some myrtle wood burl from Oregon. It is very beautiful, but lacks the hardness and uniformity to make something like a pipe. I need to decide what to do with that stuff - maybe a shop project this winter would be appropriate. Nice pipe! Keep at it.

    Wes H.

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    Re: Pipe Repair and Refurbish

    I would guess that a block of Oregon myrtle burl might actually make a decent pipe bowl. A 2" x 3" chunk is all you'd have to sacrifice to find out. (I think the shavings and the leaves would make an interesting contribution to the smoke of fire-curing some Latakia.)

    Of course, to make a nice pipe (unlike my hand-whittled applewood pipe), you need a small metal lathe and a belt sander. At one time, we had a number of members who made superb pipes. Aside from Cowboy, I'm not sure which other members turn pipe bowls here in the US.


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    Re: Pipe Repair and Refurbish

    A modification that i have made some years ago that's why the photos and the video aren't so good. I bought a gourd calabash bowl year 1907 and i have done some modifications plus new stem, new tenon, new meerschaum insert.
    He came to me like this:

    I worked hard in many sectors

    and now looks like this:

    You can see the procedure step by step here: http://pipe-smoke.blogspot.gr/2010/0...-calabash.html
    The code for this pipe is Gourd-1

    or you can watch it in a video with slide show photos and instrumental music:

    Ladies & Gentlemen thank you for watching!

    Blog for the New pipe smoker: http://pipe-smoke.blogspot.gr
    Μy Youtube channel: http://tinyurl.com/p3lzsuk

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