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    Re: Freezing Tobacco

    tobacco, roll with it...

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    Re: Freezing Tobacco

    Quote Originally Posted by deluxestogie View Post

    Thank you Bob for this reassuring information
    So as long as we kiln our leaves, we won't need to fear tobacco beetles ! (not beatles, sorry )

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    Re: Freezing Tobacco

    Quote Originally Posted by MarcL View Post
    Does USPS ship to Pluto?
    Yabbut the customs forms are a bitch
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    Re: Freezing Tobacco

    As I mentioned in my post in General Discussion (A Short, Long Story) I am going through the weevil problem as we speak. I have unpacked the leaf I had in the freezer for 5-6 days and found no live larva. I gave everything a good shake, brush, turned the bags inside out and repacked. I had a pile of debris like sand and quite a few shriveled up grey carcases but nothing wiggling. Time will tell if I have also killed the eggs. As stated, this problem was only in the WLT that was NOT heat treated at the border and only the Prilep and Flue Cured Virginia Red Leaf. The Lemon leaf is clean as a whistle. I have found no trace of weevils in my own flue or air cured leaf as this year I kilned it all.
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