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    Re: Anyone Know Tobacco legalities in Australia?

    I was reading about how Piloto Cubano got out of Cuba in cotton balls. I was thinking you could use Styrofoam-macaroni around something fragile thing like a coffee cup.
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    Re: Anyone Know Tobacco legalities in Australia?

    Quote Originally Posted by Junker View Post
    @Hasse SWE - safe is a relative term, and one that I have a very strong opinion on about the way it's been used and implemented. For the sake of "safe" in Australia we have increasingly restrictive gun control which only serves to punish the law abiding citizen; best intention notwithstanding, criminals do not obey laws and the term "safe" or "you were in the right" doesn't hold much weight if someone is opening fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians. Min this way I say safe is more about what's safe for the ecosystem around you. Introduction of a species that can become an invasive pest - absolutely not, safer definitely to not bother. But safe to follow the law to the letter; I think the law has abandoned reason here long ago in favour of a political agenda, as it does in many first world countries.
    Oo laws is always interesting to know about but not the thing I was thinking about when I written "safe" Australia have hard control of things they ain't growing. Europe have not as hard control but there are plenty much we ain't aloud to grow (or put on thing we grow). Some times it feels little silly, special when I can grow example herbs that can make much more problem for mother nature than the thing I can't get from the store..

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