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    WLT casings ... simple spray and wait or what?

    Last order of leaf I put in for 2 of the "add a tsp of water and spray" casings meant for cigarettes but I might use them in part of a pipe blend.
    Specifically #2 and #3 .


    If you've had any experience using these , can you please give me a little feedback as to how much and what variety of tobacco you treated with each bottle.
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    Re: WLT casings ... simple spray and wait or what?

    The instructions say "add 1 tablespoon of water". The directions on the website are exactly what each casing is intended for.

    There is no specific science for dosage. There is a little bit of a learning curve to find the amounts of casing used and on which types that you personally prefer.

    I have had some positive feedback on the casing #3 being used on Flue Cured types.


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