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    Re: deluxestogie Grow Log 2017

    I have lovingly cured and kilned and stored many a trashy leaf...and I've smoked a lot of them. Now, I look at a questionable leaf with the criterion of how it will strike me when I'm selecting finished leaf for a cigar. If I would sigh, and mumble, "It's a shame to just throw it away," then I won't even bring it in from the field.

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    Re: deluxestogie Grow Log 2017

    Since I'll be stalk-harvesting a number of my cigar varieties, this item on the JR Cigars website caught my attention:
    Quote Originally Posted by JR Cigars
    Henry Clay Stalk Cut Gran Corona. To create this masterpiece, a top-quality 2012 vintage Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper covers a 2010 Vintage Dominican Piloto binder, and a filler consisting of 2012 Vintage Dominican Olor, 2012 Vintage Dominican Piloto, and 2013 Vintage Nicaraguan Criollo.

    Full bodied in strength, the smoke delivers satisfying notes of dark chocolate, coffee bean, leather, and spice.

    This is as detailed a cigar recipe as you'll find anywhere from a commercial cigar manufacturer. I know that CT Broadleaf is usually stalk-harvested. Unfortunately, the description does not mention what other component, if anything else, might also be stalk-harvested.

    But still, the recipe is
    • Wrapper: CT Broadleaf
    • Binder: Piloto Cubano
    • Filler:
      Piloto Cubano

    I won't grow any more CT Broadleaf, since it always manages to get Blue Mold here when I grow it. But the rest of the recipe sounds like something I can do. Of the listed filler components, I'll be stalk-harvesting my Criollo (Cuba).


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