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    Re: deluxestogie Grow Log 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Jitterbugdude View Post
    Well, since we are telling "cold" stories.. The coldest for me was -40F. I had to do some work inside an environmental cold chamber that was set to -40. It was a tad bit chilly in there, even with cold weather gear on.
    That's like Antarctica.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaVoodoo View Post
    -51F, or -73F with the wind chill.
    Wind chill is meaningless at -51ºF. If you've got exposed skin in those temperatures, the only effective insulation for you is a padded cell.

    So, enough about cold. I'm eating ice cream at the moment.


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    Re: deluxestogie Grow Log 2017

    It's sunny and nice here. The weather man got it wrong. I'll be able to get more work done in the garden this weekend.

    Wes H.

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    Re: deluxestogie Grow Log 2017

    I lived in upstate NY at Fort Drum for four years. One mourning I rolled out of an Arctic tent and it was -19 with the wind gusting up to 30mph. I was decked out in full Arctic gear which worked well but if you stood still for any amount of time ya got pretty cold. At the end of four years they sent me from the freezer into the fire. Ft Kobe, Panama.

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