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    Re: Making Press-Cake

    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaVoodoo View Post
    That's a shame. I recommend that when doing processes where you add moisture to the tobacco, you weigh the tobacco first so you can afterwards tell if it's dried or not. Bricks and ropes and such are difficult to estimate moisture content in without cutting them open.
    I sprayed water honey mix to the tobacco prior to the pressing. I think the pressure wasn't strong enough that is why it mold.

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    Re: Making Press-Cake

    Common mold species are obligate aerobic organisms. The cannot grow in the absence of oxygen.

    For mold to grow, all of the following have to be present:
    • viable mold spores
    • a reasonable ambient temperature (~40-118ºF)
    • oxygen
    • a nutrient source
    • sufficient water to allow metabolism


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    Re: Making Press-Cake

    Not too sure how you pressed the tobacco. I mentioned in previous posts my fist literally hand press is not to get the tobacco overly wet just super moist. In a dry humidity there is really nothing to worry about. So with what Bob and said Oxygen is a key factor, I need to be creative with the new lemon. I know in aging its important to dry out and remoisten the leaf. When I go to BC fishing the tobacco absorbs the humidity if that makes any sense Here it dries out really quick and that extra moisture really gets the flavor from the tobacco. If you are pressing tobacco in a vice it has to be airtight. I learned that from reading on making perique.

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