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    What a difference the soil mix makes!

    I've been using a commercial starting medium (Promix) for starting seeds for years, with good results.

    This year, ran out of fresh stock so started the seeds in some of last year's growing-on mix - half soil, half Promix, Mar 10 - 14.

    Spotty germination resulted; I figured I wasn't paying enough attention, and so seeded another pot of my staple NB11 Mar 31, this time in Promix.

    The result - a pot full of seedlings, like previous years. No difference in light, temp, seeding rate and procedure, or water management.Click image for larger version. 

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    The cup on the left is the Mar 31 sowing.

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    Re: What a difference the soil mix makes!

    They certainly look healthy and happy.

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    Re: What a difference the soil mix makes!

    Could it be the decreased competition in the other bowls though?

    Oh nm misread

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    Re: What a difference the soil mix makes!

    When I see your plants I can only agree with you : with the right soil mixture they grow really faster !
    And it makes me think that my soil might not be very good...
    Next time I will make some experimentations with differents types of soil... so I can figure out what works best for me.


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