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    Update on forum development

    First, Thank you all for registering with the site. The boards are populating nicely with nothing being forced or contrived. It's a slow pace right now, but I think its a good pace for right now.

    I was writing a post the other day and got timed out and lost everything I wrote. After a little research, I learned how to extend the "signed in" time with no activity. Even if you're writing a lengthy post, it you don't switch screens, the program doesn't know you're still active. The "signed in" time is now 2 1/2 hours instead of 15 minutes.

    If you share your computer with anyone you don't want to post on the site, be sure to log out before you leave the site.

    One accidental benefit to the change is you show up as being on-line for 2 1/2 hours after you've left the site, so everyone who visits will be seen as active. It really no big deal, but it looks like a very busy site to new visitors.

    Thanks again and please don't hesitate to offer suggestions.


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    Update on forum development

    I think you've done a great job and had a great idea with this site. You dont have to wade throug alot of BS. to find what your looking for{except for mine being a beginner}. I'm glad I got here early to watch it grow, I'm sure its extremly time consuming, I dont have alot to offer till I do a lot more learning but this is a great place to start. Holler If you need anything and I'll try to help.


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