Hello, Tutu. Thanks for your message. I am from Japan, my wife and daughter in law are from your country. I like Indonesian cigars.

Hello, Bob

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As I understand it, you 3D printed the mold, then poured the plaster into that mold. The pipes look lovely. I suppose you could use the same mold with clay, then fire the clay pipe.

I know that clay pipes and ceramic pipes usually smoke well, but can get hot to hold. The problem I have with my two calabash (gourd) pipes--a huge one and a mini, both of which have meerschaum bowls, is that I can pass a pipe cleaner only through the bowl, toward the shank, but can never clean out the decades of tobacco dottle that accumulates beneath the bowl. With my large one, the bowl is mounted in a ring of cork, and can be removed, but the mini has a glued-in bowl.

Very nice work.

Thanks for your advise. I will try Clay with these molds in a future.
I made detachable bowl type calabash pipe. The same as previous one, plaster made pipe.

011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg

The size is smaller than previous one. I use lether for sealing instead of cork, I did not find thin cork sheet in my area.