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    Re: Can an Artificial Sweetener Kill Hornworms?

    There is actually one aspect of the published study that many folks may benefit from. We know that erythritol will kill fruit flies and drastically reduce their egg laying. During the summer I sometimes have a cloud of tiny fruit flies that emerge with regularity from my kitchen garbage. They reproduce within any damp materials, especially fruit and vegetable waste and trimmings within the garbage can. It takes only a couple of days.

    Spraying this Truvia mixture into the garbage can may zap them.


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    Re: Can an Artificial Sweetener Kill Hornworms?

    It's a good idea !
    I might buy some stevia next time. I imagine easily my wife when she will see the stevia : Her - "You plan on taking care of your weight after all ?" Me - "Well... no, it's for the flies"

    We could even spray our fruit trees with stevia This way we will be sure to get some sweet fruits

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