Whole Leaf Tobacco
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    Re: Photo of my tobacco - OldDinosaur


    I have procured the shelving that you suggested, and will get after it with my hack-saw tomorrow. This looks like a good addition that will add to my efficiency. I especially like low-cost solutions to problems.

    Also, Re: Bolivia leaf. Would you like me to kiln up some African Red at the same time. Being the deluxestogie guy, I thought you might like to try a few leaves as a wrapper and see if they are fit for that kind of application. You can be the small furry rodent test subject. aka: Guinea Pig.

    Let me know. I won't start kilning any Bolivia 'till October anyway.

    Wes H.

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    Re: Photo of my tobacco - OldDinosaur

    Kilned or unkilned. It doesn't matter much. I'll kiln it myself if I need to. There is no rush.


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