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Thread: New here.

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    Re: New here.

    Welcome to Fair Trade Tobacco.
    tobacco, roll with it...

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    Re: New here.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4wdboss View Post
    I'm Brad, been chewing Redman for 30 years. Looking at making my own chew from whole leaf.May eventually get into growing.First couple of tests making leaf chew is from some old cigars I had that I didn't take care of, dried out.Brought the moisture content back up, chopped them up, and the chew came out pretty darn good. Can really taste the tobacco after a while andits not quite what i'm looking for yet.Anyway, have been learning a lot from the site, and now am looking to get some whole leaf of a couple different varieties to try and get my chew to something that is outstanding. I think the cigar blends are not quite right for chewing.Have had good luck with the recipes I've found on this site, and tweaking them to what I think will be good. The flavor has been great, just after an hour or so, it gets a little bitter. Thanks for any, and all help.

    Great group of guys here willing to share their vast knowledge on baccy. Its easy to spend days reading here.

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    Re: New here.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZigZagZeppelin View Post
    Its easy to spend days reading here.
    Yup! I've spent about 2,200 of them.


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