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    Re: This is what alot of Swedish people talk about right now:

    Does the EU rules have exemptions for product processed for personal use? I know here in the US, finished tobacco products are taxed. Tobacco leaf is considered an agricultural product and is not subject to the tobacco tax until it is processed into a smokable form and offered for sale. The 2 product channels are kept separate by requiring anyone offering finished cigars for sale to have a manufacturer's license. Sooo, I purchase leaf tax free. I roll it into cigars for my personal use and store it in my residence. If I offer it for sale I am required to obtain a manufacturer's license.

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    Re: This is what alot of Swedish people talk about right now:

    I am very badly updated in this case. But just this company appears a bit like a victim.. Then they sell this as a "make your own snus" product. But the company also has (or had) two similar products for making cigarettes and pipe-tobacco.However, they have not sold it themselves to consumers but to companies that, in turn, sold it to consumers, and that is probably what the problem are absolut (from the beginning). After that even some of these sellers had in their description that they can smoke without preparation.But yes, the EU has or had quite the same rules as you, but there are also rules that you can interpret in different ways.Now, for example, Sweden will introduce a tax that prevents buying cheap from China in Sweden, I understand the purpose, but the consequence can also affect me when I buy seeds from non-EU countries, for example, the customs can keep my seeds until I pay taxes and customs duties. If the shipment is of low value, then I may be able to get it but it's an assessment the customs make after contacting me.

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