My pot grows continue growing taller and give more leaves. As my garden plant already show sign of flowering, these pot grow are still growing more leaves. However they can only support up to 9 leaves at a time. As 10th new leaf grow, the lowest leaves will start yellowing and rapidly drying on the plant. So I have to keep harvesting them.
Few of the pot grow started to have curly diseases. It infected TN90 more than 401 Cherry Red. It is good, because my garden grow Cherry Red is not really give me good result but the TN90 grow so big.
Here are my garden grow TN90. The one that I suspected infected with disease is really infected with some kind of new disease. Here some close up picture
new leaves are rotted at the tip but it continue to grow
The leaves keep growing eventhough the tip rotted.
I transfered all my cigar variety seedling yesterday. 3 Corojo99, 8 Criollo Cuba and 5 Coroja. It has been raining all week and we hit 22 degree celcius which is very rare in my place. I hope when the sun came out the seedling can survive the sudden change in temperature.

I did oven cure method on all of my first prime for 401 Cherry Red. It give good sweet smell but the tobacco burn rate is very poor. So i think the I will air cure all my leaves after this. The TN90 is taking some time to mature and all I have harvested right now is just the thrash leaves.

Oh yeah, I forgot something very important. As I grow this in raining season, I think it impacted my yield. All of the leaves I cured up to recently, became very thin and small. I dont know wether it is the position or the excessive water but it shrink more than my last grow.