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    Re: how long does a "batch" of leaf last

    Different types of tobacco will be in different size bales .Flue cured is big bales 600 to 800 pounds . Burley bales can be either the big bales or small bales . Big bales up to 800 pounds and small bales average 80 pounds each . Bales that are too heavy will be rejected by tobacco companies . They don't like them too wet or packed too tight .
    Turkish will come in a box of 400 pounds
    Cigar tobacco that I know of will range from 45 pounds to around 70 pounds . Tobacco coming from other countries may be different with weights .

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    Re: how long does a "batch" of leaf last

    I have been here for 4 years and buy lemon. I have some from my first order to my last order and the tobacco will vary in colour. Generally lemon that Don has will last a year. last years crop was to me a beautiful cdn style of leaf. Not the bright lemon as in the past couple of years. When you get the leaf some years may have some holes. Its all good. Dons by far is the best leaf. Just because a leaf cosmetically looks good doesn't mean the leaf will taste good. Dons leafs are pressed and fermented in the bag if stored unopened some times pulling the leaves apart will tear a leaf. I would like to secure a source of Canadian Virginia the competition cosmetically looks good but does not have the flavor its smaller leaves and inferior in taste. It does not have the complexity of flavor as Dons. It does not age. Only exceptional tobacco ages and tastes better as it ages.

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