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    Re: Old Tobacco video

    When I was growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, in the 1950s, we used to hike out to a particular, wooded river valley just outside the city. A part of the Civil War Battle of Atlanta was fought there (1864). In the dirt embankment, we could still dig up MiniƩ balls, which were muzzle-loaded bullets. It was not unusual for each of us to dig up several per visit. Of course, that was only about 90 years after the battle. (Just this week, unexploded WW2 bombs have been discovered in two different European cities--after ~70 years.)


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    Re: Old Tobacco video

    Where I live, farmers often find bombs (complete or exploded) when they plow their fields. You can find different metals pieces (copper, iron...) and other pieces of bombs when you walk in the fields.
    Here, the two world war made a lot of damage... some villages completly disapeared, and some town were really badly damaged.
    For example the city of Reims (only 20 km from our village) was about 80% destroyed during the first world war... (after the WW1, it is said that there were only about 60 habitable houses left...)
    We have a lot of old bombshell, schrapnells, etc left everywhere.

    A good example of the great things humankind can do

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