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    Re: McClelland Tobacco Company, Maker Of Legendary Pipe Tobaccos, Closes Down

    AbeBooks has copies for under $4.00 with free shipping.

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    Re: McClelland Tobacco Company, Maker Of Legendary Pipe Tobaccos, Closes Down

    Vaguely on the subject of extinct companies:
    During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Stewart Brand published the Whole Earth Catalog, which was a huge format, inch thick magazine that primarily reviewed products and resources. (They are still wonderful reading, if you can locate a copy.) It emphasized self-sufficiency and sustainability--way back then. Windmills, hydropower, animal husbandry, gardening, metal forging, etc.

    A decade later, I noticed in my dusty copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog (1971) a discussion of Herbert Muller's book, Uses of the Past. It was already out of print in 1980.

    Another treasure that was mentioned in that Whole Earth Catalog, and that I was able to eventually purchase, was the two volume set of articles presented at a 1956 symposium.

    William Thomas (Ed): Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth. U Chicago Press (1956). In 2 volumes.

    It was also out of print by the time I became aware of its existence. The title of the symposium is not metaphorical. The various articles discuss permanent, irreversible changes that man has brought about to the physical, geographical, photographable world. And what is particularly remarkable is that all of this was noted prior to the space age. So there were not satellite image comparisons, only aerial photography. Bays and rivers and ocean currents and mountain tops have been physically modified by man. This pair of books totals nearly 1200 pages of material by 50+ leading scholars in numerous fields of study.

    It was in reading this symposium that I found a photograph of a tiny copse of cedar trees in a nearly barren sweep of a mountain range. The caption reads, "The grove of Cedrus libani at Les Cedres, Lebanon, protected remnant of a forest that once covered the intermediate slopes of the Lebanon Range." The Cedars of Lebanon, used by King Solomon to build his temple--the famed Cedars of Lebanon were now (in 1956!) just a tiny copse of trees, a curiosity.

    Closer to our own times, the great age of sailing ships accounts for the denudation of first Europe's trees, then the trees of eastern North America. Planks, masts, bulkheads, pine tar. That colossal demand consumed the forests.

    [On a personal note, some of my acquisition of out-of-print books over the years occurred prior to the Internet. All searching for an extinct book required using pen and ink on paper, then waiting for a reply. I've mostly forgotten how difficult that used to be. In 1970, the Whole Earth Catalog was the Google Search of the day.]


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    Re: McClelland Tobacco Company, Maker Of Legendary Pipe Tobaccos, Closes Down

    I have a few days late on the news...
    I am sad.

    McClelland is one of my very few personnal favorite brands... They had some really delicious VaPer.
    I tried a lot of different brands in past 15 years, a lot of them disapointed me... whereas I found some very good tobacoo from McClelland.

    That's sad for pipe smokers.

    Tobacco regulations are becoming really mad... I am sure : soon we will not be allowed to grow tobacco in our garden anymore...

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