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    Re: Yet another unique cigar filler from the Dominican Republic

    My skepticism is dissipating. This study is fascinating.


    Discovery of the highly transmissible nature of RNA molecules (including mRNAs and noncoding small (s) RNAs) between adjacent cells and across the whole plant [17], presumably via the plant intercellular connections called plasmodesmata, has opened up a fresh possibility for understanding the phenomenon of graft hybrids.
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    Re: Yet another unique cigar filler from the Dominican Republic

    ok , my horticultural background tells me its a graft of only 2 plants, one being Criollo 98 and the other Piloto . A graft of lets say one apple tree root stock with many scions can give us an apple tree with a variety of different colored apples on a single common tree , saving field/yard space by having multiple different pollinators where one would normally be. but thats about it.
    but, I'm rusty on my horticultural technical updates by 30 yrs. I could see if it was a proven genetic cross that it could be something wonderful. I'm following this for more info.
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