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    Re: let's see your veggie garden {pics}

    Hey, thanks Bob. I'll add that string down the middle. It sounds like a good idea then to grow the beans separately in their own box. Cool.
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    Re: let's see your veggie garden {pics}

    Last Asparagus for the Season

    Asparagus is such a wonderful investment of gardening effort. You dig a bed, plant the root crowns, watch them grow for a couple of years, then begin to harvest asparagus in the third season. After that, it just keeps on producing a spring-time bounty for about 20 years. After about mid-May, I stop harvesting the shoots, and allow them to go to seed for the rest of the summer. The extent of that summer growth will determine how abundant the spring harvest will be the following year.

    I get a fistful of tender asparagus (harvested mere minutes prior to cooking) weekly for about a month and a half, depending on the weather.

    While I do add fertilizer each year, I've become lazy about weeding the bed (10 crowns) for the past few years. Well-established asparagus roots don't seem to care. The just push right up through the weeds. I'll probably give it a good cleaning at least once this summer.


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