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Whole Leaf Tobacco

Connecticut maduro wrapper

Mar 11, 2013
Quebec, Canada
Been a long time fan of WLT tobacco since switching from other online retailers for my cigar tobacco. The service, product and packaging are far superior. It's awesome to roll filler in proper case right out of the retail package rather than trying to get bone dry leaf out of a shipped bag without damage and then hydrating.
I am a maduro fan and recently restocked with a few pounds of the ecuador maduro wrapper. I like this wrapper but it gives me a little bit too much spice over cocao/cream.
My all time favorite has been a connecticut maduro wrapper but i am running out and prefer WLT.
i don't know that i've ever seen that on the WLT site but any opportunity to carry some?
thanks in advance!
p.s. The new T13 filler has improved my blends considerably. The smell of that leaf when opening a bag is crazy good and it creates a great base to play with.