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Whole Leaf Tobacco

My other growing hobby - Houseplants


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Jul 31, 2017
Dayton Wa.
I don't just grow tobacco, I like to keep a little green around during the winter months. Blooming houseplants always add some nice color to our otherwise drab winter season.

I had a surprise recently, when one of my Amaryllis bulbs decided to bloom. This was not supposed to happen. Normally, my Amaryllis bulbs bloom in late winter, early spring. After the bloom is done with and the frost season is over, I set my bulbs out on the front porch to get the filtered light and warm summer weather. By doing this I am trying to induce them to fatten their bulbs for next year. At the end of the growing season, I bring them inside and let then dry down, whereupon I cut the leaves off and let them "rest" for the winter. Amaryllis bulbs are tropical flowers that naturally have a resting period during the traditional dry season.

That's the theory anyway. It has always worked in the past. I have one bulb that I have regenerated every year this way since I bought it in 2002. But, I once read an article on Amaryllis flowers in a gardening book, and the author said that Amaryllis have their own schedule. No kidding.

A couple of photos are attached

Amaryllis fall 2017-1.jpg Amaryllis fall 2017.jpg

This is one of three bulbs that were doing very poorly in their former home. I brought them to my home, separated them, gave them sunshine, fertilizer, and water and voila! In just one year the bulbs went from about 1 1/4 " (3.2 cm) to 3 1/2" (8.9 cm) in diameter and nice blooms. This is the second time this bulb has bloomed. Last time it had two bells. This time it has three bells. Hopefully after it continues to grow and develop it will have four bells next time. Then on to double flower stalks! This one is ready for a bigger pot. It has two babies that are going to start pushing it up and out soon.

Happy indoor gardening!

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