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Whole Leaf Tobacco

Next year is finally the year. What to grow?

DIY Pete

Well-Known Member
Dec 25, 2013
Next spring is finally the year to have my first grow. I now have the space and next year I believe I can make the time so it is appropriate to start thinking about what varieties to grow. I am going to keep the list to four varieties and this is for cigars. I plan on color curing the leaf and then letting it age, a kiln may be in my future but it won't happen in the next 12 months. Wrapper is not a high priority this year. I can always get it from Don or Big B. The location of the plants gets full sun all day long with no trees close by. It has been turf grass for the last 15 + years.

My choices currently sit at:
1. Walkers Broad Leaf
2. Little Dutch
3. Goose Creek Red
4. Long Red

Any issues with this list? My main concern is getting two varieties that are basically interchangeable. I am leaning towards planting more of the little dutch and broad leaf to have them as the bulk of the leaf for filler.