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    We've been using a forum format called vBulletin for over seven years and the program is no longer being developed, so that means no more updates or security patches. vBulletin has never been compatible with search engine optimization and it does not support the multitude of various devices most people use to access the internet, so it's time to say goodbye to vBulletin.

    For these reasons we have moved our forum to a new format that will support and encourage growth for the next generation of grower and DIY tobacco users.

    So please post any issues you're having with using the new site.

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May 17, 2011
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You might have noticed the stickies with "Tips for ***** (posts nominated for special consideration)" in a couple of forums. These threads will be populated with copies of posts within each forum that have especially helpful information and will become a part of a collection of highlights of each forum. Once enough of the same topic is accumulated, separate threads (within each forum) will be made.

If you read a post and you think it qualifies for special consideration, you can nominate it as such. Two additional members would need to confirm your nomination and then the post will be copied to the highlights thread.

Any questions?
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