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Religion and Politics (what not to post)

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May 17, 2011
Freedom, Ohio, United States
[h=2]Religion and Politics (what not to post)[/h]
Religion and Politics have always been taboo on any forum I've ever visited. While there is nothing in the rules against posting about either of the two subject, the rules do say "We're all adults here, you already know what the rules are".

As the community continues to grow, so will the diversity of the membership. We truly are a global community and to prevent disassociating anyone from the community, I'm going to ask everyone to refrain from engaging in Political and Religious speech.

Feel free to form a group and only allow like minded members to join. "Groups" are completely private and nobody can view your comments unless you let them. If somebody gets offended in a group, they simply stop visiting that group.

Let's remember the main reason we're here. We are all brothers of the leaf.
Not open for further replies.