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  1. jolly

    jolly log 2015

    Wow, I stepped away from the site for a while and things have been really active. It's been fun reading and catching up on the posts. I think the last time I posted a grow log was in 2012. I've grown a few plants here and there since then, but nothing like 2011/2012. So I decided I was...
  2. Chicken

    Chickens 2012 multi strain grow log,

    I GOT ALL THE CHICKEN POOP TILLED IN THE GARDEN YESTERDAY,,, moved a ton of manure with a wheel-barrel,,,and right now my whole body aches,,,, i will be growing,,, LIZARD TAIL DARK VIRGINIA WHITE STOCK BURLEY MONTE CALME YELLOW ERGO TN90 BURLEY BURSA YELLOW TWIST BUD OTTOMANHY...
  3. L

    OK, I'll be first to post on suncuring !!!

    OK, this is how I ‘sun-cure’. This is Ottoman on the left (in the pvc.pipe-frame) and the hanging string on the far-right, and Bursa & Turkish Early (in the wood frame). They have been doing the sun-cure part-time for about a week. The Black Sea Samsun is still in the shed doing the...