Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. Jabman

    Home made casing

    Hi all, I decided to try to make my own casing (low on funds) so what I did was mix about* 1/2 cup distilled water with 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 corn syrup, bring to boil for about* a minute then add about* 1/4 tea spoon of vegetable glycerin bring to a boil for about* another minute then took it...
  2. F

    Casing and RH

    Table 1: Feel of Cured Tobacco Flyings in Relation to Relative Humiditya. Feel of Cured Leaf Relative Humidity (Percent) High case 90 to 100 Medium to high case 85 to 90 Medium case 80 to 85 Low to medium case 75 to 80 Low case 70 to 75 Dry to low case 65 to 70 Dry 60 to 65...
  3. deluxestogie

    Casing Recipes for Mildly Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

    I'll start off this thread with a casing recipe that results in a lovely pouch aroma, a vaguely sweet smoke aroma, and little modification to the taste of the tobacco blend. The recipe can be used with any blend of tobacco (even an English blend with Latakia and / or Perique). When I make a...
  4. deluxestogie

    Tobacco Flavoring: the Science

    Tobacco Flavor Book I don't recall seeing this outstanding book (74 pages) on the intricacies of tobacco flavoring. The link was posted on HTGT by chillardbee. The book was originally created by Leffingwell et al. in 1972 for R.J. Reynolds...
  5. H

    Casing recipes

    Would anyone be interested in posting casing lotion receipts? I have looked at the Pall Mall receipts but for a small grower breaking that down into something manageable in the kitchen is a chore. Not looking for anything fancy, just some starter formulas that are manageable and can be modified...