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cigar rolling

  1. willgodwin

    I rolled at a cigar event and all I got was this cool T-shirt....

    This happened last June, 2021, at a Fathers Day event a cigar shop in town throws annually. The owner asked if I could roll during the event and I said sure! I made puritos of the fillers I used for people to walk up and taste one or two. I believe I made 10 of each, so 30 total. They were gone...
  2. MetalForU

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Greetings everyone! Over the last month or so I've picked up the hobby of rolling cigars after being a cigar enthusiast for about seven years. I've had my eye on rolling for about the last two years and finally dove in. I have a fascination with old tools and machines from the industrial...
  3. heythereimrobb

    Rolling for a buddy's wedding

    So word got out that I started rolling cigars. And if you look at my post history and whatnot, you KNOW I'm SUCH a newcomer. Big time. I love rolling, it's been an absolute joy. I've learned so much from you all. And what I've learned is mostly that there is SO MUCH MORE I need to learn to start...
  4. MarcL

    Cigar bunching with a mat.

    Cigar short filler bunching with a mat.
  5. AmaxB

    Making a Cigar Tuck Cutter

    HomeMade Tuck Cutter have not put the length gauge on it yet, will do that tomorrow. . ..