Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. N

    Burley recipes

    I have 5 Kg burley tobbaco. But so strong . How can I weaken and give it a delicious taste? And in what proportion? Thanks in advance! I read lots of of cocoa, glicerin etc.. but I do not know how and in what proportion.
  2. N

    Cigarette binder - a question to y'all!

    After filling tubes the bit of tobacco at the end always wants to fall off. How do I make it so after filling I don't have to roll the ends? Store bought ciggies always look much better with their clean ends. Does glycerin instead of water help?
  3. E

    Greetings from California

    Started rolling my own smokes about a year ago using whatever various value pipe tobacco I felt like trying. Cherokee, OHM, D&R, etc etc... like all things I do I tend to go overboard with my hobbies, so now I am looking into starting from quality whole leaf and creating my own blends that I...
  4. W

    Whole Leaf Cigarette Tobacco

    Hello all ! I'm going to make a purchase of couple of pounds. Thinking about Flue Cured Virginia Red Leaf. I was making my order and then i ram into this site , talking about Processing whole leaf tobacco before consuming. There was a big red warning text: "Consuming Whole Leaf Tobacco that has...
  5. Jpcouling

    Full Turkish blends?

    Hello to all my fellow growers and tobacco lovers! I am interested to know if anyone on this forum enjoys the taste and aroma of a fully Turkish blend for a cigarette? I have yet to try any homegrown Oriental or Turkish tobaccos either, any suggestions for who's or what I should try?
  6. Jpcouling

    HAs anyone noticed different burn qualities in homegrown tobacco?

    I think it might be very interesting to see if others notice unusual or novel burning qualities of their smoking tobacco. My small stemmed black mammoth has this strange energy release when I smoke it. I notice audible crackling or burning noises and I can see sparks of energy release from it in...
  7. D

    Big Gem

    Big Gem's a keeper. Great production and I really like the flavor. It's a flue cured variety with a note of cinnamon flavor in it as best as I can describe it.
  8. deluxestogie

    Review of Turkish Bitlis from Whole Leaf Tobacco

    If you're looking for an authentic "Turkish" aroma, like you find in Camel cigarettes, then FmGrowit's Bitlis, available on the www.wholeleaftobacco.com site, is the ticket. When I open the vapor-proof bag, it shouts, "Turkish Tobacco!" The name, Bitlis, is both a town and its surrounding...
  9. D

    Curing Tobacco for Cigarettes

    Last year my focus was on growing tobacco. and the final results of that tobacco show it. I have 15 lbs of tobacco I produced in only 220 square feet of space. sadly all that tobacco is suffering in the way of taste. I air cured it all which as it turns out was not the best choice for all of it...
  10. C

    Cigarette Tube Reviews

    In light of the new steep tobacco tax hikes coming into play, I can see that soon growing your own may become wildly popular in the very near future. So, in keeping with that thought, I figured some of my experiences may be helpful for those who are new to this site. Some tubes are a...
  11. H

    Casing recipes

    Would anyone be interested in posting casing lotion receipts? I have looked at the Pall Mall receipts but for a small grower breaking that down into something manageable in the kitchen is a chore. Not looking for anything fancy, just some starter formulas that are manageable and can be modified...