Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. J

    how do you make pipe tobacco

    sorry for the dumb question but i just bought a mm corncob pipe and i want to know whats your favorite mix ima buy the cig sampler pack next check. srry i live in cali n i pay 1200 for a one bedroom aparment expensive a hell thanks guys
  2. BigCasino

    Hello from PA

    evening folks, I have grown vegetable gardens since I was a kid but this is my first time trying to grow tobacco ex-cigarette smoker 10yr or so cigar smoker and recently am trying my hand at pipe smoking hope to learn how to grow, cure and process my own pipe tobacco Thanks Harry
  3. Knucklehead

    Pipe Making supplies and sources

    You guys got me all fired up to make a pipe so I'm assembling the required means and materials. The first order of business was to convert my lathe from a table leg, spindle, balluster configuration to one that I can turn pipes on. I just finished giving everything a good cleaning with brake...
  4. deluxestogie

    Making Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco

    Black Cavendish is a style of tobacco processing that produces a mild, very dark tobacco, that can be used for pipe blending. Black Cavendish is notable for its ability to readily absorb added flavors for aromatic blends. Unflavored, it also makes a wonderful blender when mixed with stronger...