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  1. C

    A Few Homemade Dip Questions From A Noob!

    I have been studying up on making my own dip and had a few questions. I haven't read every single thread, YET, probably because most of them I read there are lot of tangents that open up... not a bad thing at all. I'm still in the sponge phase of my tobacco education, soaking up all the...
  2. deluxestogie

    Tobacco Flavoring: the Science

    Tobacco Flavor Book I don't recall seeing this outstanding book (74 pages) on the intricacies of tobacco flavoring. The link was posted on HTGT by chillardbee. The book was originally created by Leffingwell et al. in 1972 for R.J. Reynolds...
  3. FmGrowit

    Preparing Burley for cigarette blend

    I've grown quite a few different Burley varieties and have come to the conclusion that commercially produced Burley almost always needs to be toasted in order for it to be palatable. When Burley is primed at each leaf's peak of maturity, it doesn't have to be toasted, but I think it still...