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pipe tobacco blending

  1. deluxestogie

    Mac Baren Roll Cake Pipe Tobacco Blends

    Mac Baren Roll Cake Pipe Tobacco Blends The following pipe tobaccos from Mac Baren represent an age old style of tobacco manufacture. Roll cake is made, either by hand or with the use of a Lieberman device, by rolling what is essentially a cigar or twist, using a combination of whole leaf...
  2. deluxestogie

    Casing Recipes for Mildly Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

    I'll start off this thread with a casing recipe that results in a lovely pouch aroma, a vaguely sweet smoke aroma, and little modification to the taste of the tobacco blend. The recipe can be used with any blend of tobacco (even an English blend with Latakia and / or Perique). When I make a...