Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. island

    Hi from vancouver island

    Hi everyone! This will be my third year growing and harvesting my own tobacco, and hopefully my first successful year with curing... I have yet to produce an an appealing product. this year, I have sowed seeds from Greta's and Elena's in Canada, and Northwood seeds from Spokane WA. Paul from...
  2. FauxAntiqueMeerCanadian2.jpg


    Meer Canadian coated with unfiltered beeswax, gives it an antique look.
  3. FauxAntiqueMeerCanadian.jpg


    Meer Canadian coated with unfiltered beeswax, gives it an antique look.
  4. Modded MMs2.jpg

    Modded MMs2.jpg

    Plugged and beefed up. Will smoke many years.
  5. Modded MM.jpg

    Modded MM.jpg

    Pair of heavily smoked heavily modded mm pipes.
  6. Canadian Sitter.jpg

    Canadian Sitter.jpg

    I prefer sitters
  7. Literal Canadian.jpg

    Literal Canadian.jpg

    Briar Canadian
  8. IMG_20190816_102126503.jpg


    Morta-wood Poker and Bent Rodesian. Olive-wood Squat Bulldog. Briar-wood freestyle sitter. Hand made lighter in the background.
  9. Meer Bulldog.jpg

    Meer Bulldog.jpg

    Meerschaum Bulldog finished.
  10. Pair of Canadians

    Pair of Canadians

    Canadian sister pipes, one briar and one meerschaum
  11. Leftynick

    DIY corn cob pipe

    Just want to share picture of my diy corn cob pipe. I know for most of you corn cob pipe is quite cheap, but in my country, the price has been doubled if not tripled. I use a simple design, using only hand tool like pocket knife and bamboo stem. I managed to make around 7 pipe from a few cob and...
  12. sansonPR

    Pipe gurus in packing method...

    hi all, Does a wrong method of packing a pipe can make that you have a bad smoking experience with a pipe? does bad packing influence in the flavor of bacca?? what method do you use for packing?? go ahead tell us your experience!!! :confused:
  13. Blender86

    New Guy From CA Bay Area

    Hi, I came from PSF after receiving a message suggesting I check this place out. I love English blends and flakes, and I am here to learn about blending. Stephen Books gave me a 40 minute run-down of blending over the phone, and I've been reading PSF extensively for some time. I have a five...
  14. Jpcouling

    Just got some stems and bowls

    So I just received a bunch of mismatch stems and bowls on ebay. I like the pipe bowls (especially the Buddha) and I have yet to see if the stems will fit any of them. Here is a pic of my lot: http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=161264735980 So if most of the bowls do not go together with the...
  15. rainmax

    Look what the postman brought to me...

    Postman was here with some cheque and packet from USA. I was so happy that I open bottle of cognac. Of course he was tired and hungry so he drank two of them. Yesterday was snowing. Mr.Knucklehead, I have never seen more beautiful pipe in my whole life. I'm proud and happy. Your work is gold...
  16. Boboro

    Breakin in a new pipe.

    When you first smoke one of them new costum pipes what is the best way. they sell some pipe sweeter at the bacca store do you put some of that in thir.
  17. deluxestogie

    Corncob Considerations

    My Dubious Excursion into the Corncob Pipe I was going to post this as a serious presentation by a proud pipe maker, but I couldn't keep a straight face. This is a runted ear of Bloody Butcher corn that I "grew" this past season. I knew, from the start, that the diameter...
  18. deluxestogie

    Leverhead's Pipe Smoke-hole Dream Ream

    Reaming a pipe's smoke-hole. Most pipe smokers, myself among them, frequently run a chenille pipe cleaner through a pipe's smoke-hole to clean out the gunk. Water, alcohol or other "sweetening" solvent on the pipe cleaner does a fair job of removing most of the pyrogenic tars that would...
  19. J

    how do you make pipe tobacco

    sorry for the dumb question but i just bought a mm corncob pipe and i want to know whats your favorite mix ima buy the cig sampler pack next check. srry i live in cali n i pay 1200 for a one bedroom aparment expensive a hell thanks guys
  20. deluxestogie

    Review of Turkish Bitlis from Whole Leaf Tobacco

    If you're looking for an authentic "Turkish" aroma, like you find in Camel cigarettes, then FmGrowit's Bitlis, available on the www.wholeleaftobacco.com site, is the ticket. When I open the vapor-proof bag, it shouts, "Turkish Tobacco!" The name, Bitlis, is both a town and its surrounding...