Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. K

    Hello All - Jumping right in and requesting advice!

    Hello all, I was recently smoking a cigar and I felt like I was doing it wrong. So I did some research..watched some youtube videos..... and went down a rabbit hole that doesn't seem to end. It brought me to this forum and the start of a new obsession. Smoking cigars is great, but I feel like...
  2. Blender86

    What Is The Absolute Longest A Flake/Plug Can Be Pressed Before It Is Ruined?

    Hi everyone :) So I am building a small box to press a mixture of cut Latakia and whole leaf VAs & Orientals. I will press it with clamps. I'm planning on 5 days approximately, but I must ask to be safe: How long is too long? A week? A year? What would happen if I press too long? I'm going for a...
  3. deluxestogie

    Really Easy Perique Press

    This thread can serve for discussing various press arrangements, specs, the Perique process itself, and results any members obtain (from whatever Perique method they try). Although Perique is a named variety of tobacco (which makes a great, mild cigar filler, even without kilning), in this...
  4. deluxestogie

    Making Black Cavendish Pipe Tobacco

    Black Cavendish is a style of tobacco processing that produces a mild, very dark tobacco, that can be used for pipe blending. Black Cavendish is notable for its ability to readily absorb added flavors for aromatic blends. Unflavored, it also makes a wonderful blender when mixed with stronger...