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roll your own cigars

  1. HercDriver

    Seed to Cigar: My journey to grow, harvest, ferment and roll my own cigars!

    Hello FTT! It was suggested I check this site out so here I am. I wanted to start a thread to showcase my journey from "Seed to Cigar". I purchased four different strains of seed from Sustainable Seed Company to try out. They are Connecticut Broadleaf, Habano 2000, Cuban 98 and Havana 608. I...
  2. deluxestogie

    Learning to Roll a Cigar: an Abstract Comment

    Roll one or two cigars a day, until you get better at it. The process of learning to hand-roll a smokable cigar is a sensory-motor skill, like learning to play a guitar. When you read about how it's done, or watch an on-line video of an experienced torcedor, you may acquire all the essential...