Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. akhisar45

    Who can send seeds Turkey

    Hı everyone, I living in Turkey. I am a tobacco technology engineer (tobacco specialist) and ı am working in oriental tobacco industry. I need different tobacco seeds sample. who can send tobacco seeds to me . I need yours help. I following this forum since 2013 but ı dont write every time...
  2. D

    Seeds to trade?

    I have the following seeds from 2016 crop to trade. I like to get some more cigar and oriental varieties. Conn. Shade Frog Eye Orinoco Harrow Velvet Hickory Pryor Little Dutch Long Red Macho Picchu Havana Silver River Summatra Zimmer Please PM me.
  3. Jpcouling

    Thuoc Lao seeds

    Considering buying some of this seed for this season. Looks very similar in the picture to the leaf shape I have seen in pictures of Vietnamese tobacco fields. Additionally, they say this seed is directly imported from Vietnam, so it lends more to its credibility. The supplier is World Seed...
  4. Jpcouling

    Daggawalla tobacco seeds?

    I have a suggestion for anyone looking to buy some seed from an interesting little independent agriculture team! Daggawalla is a herb, seed, herbal medicine partnership between a woman named Nikki and a man named Kollibri. I have bought all the varities of tobacco they list, and while I have yet...
  5. B

    Ways to start tobacco seedlings

    I was asked by a member about how to germinate seeds in a jar . At one time I had pictures showing how I did it , but where I placed them , I don't know .I may have deleted them . Here is what I did . One ,clean peanut butter jar , plastic or glass , any clear container with a lid would work...
  6. deluxestogie

    How to Send Out a Nice Packet of Tobacco Seed

    If you plan on selling seed packets, or distribute seed packets on a frequent basis, you can improvise a measuring tool to scoop out ~100 seeds. The problem I found with most improvised measures is that they tend to be made of materials that can hold an electrostatic charge. This means that a...
  7. deluxestogie

    ARS-GRIN "Material not available at this time"

    I don't know if this is just temporary or permanent. This evening I was browsing through the GRIN Nicotiana tabacum database, and noticed that every variety I looked at said, under AVAILABILITY, "Material not available at this time, contact the maintenance site for more information." I...