Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. C

    A Few Homemade Dip Questions From A Noob!

    I have been studying up on making my own dip and had a few questions. I haven't read every single thread, YET, probably because most of them I read there are lot of tangents that open up... not a bad thing at all. I'm still in the sponge phase of my tobacco education, soaking up all the...
  2. D

    Help, bugs are dining on my seedlings

    Are these tobacco beetles? They are not easy to catch. They jump pretty good and hard to kill. Here is a picture of a few dead ones. Here is a picture of the damage. How do I get rid of them?
  3. CheaperthenOZ

    Hello from New Jersey (Looking for tobacco seedlings/starts for sale)

    Hi All > My name is Eric and I live in South Jersey (an Australian transplant). Since it is late to start from seeds i would like to get starts.Does anyone know someone selling tobacco seedlings/starts of a mild tasting variety?Thanks a lot.Eric (CheaperthanOZ)
  4. deluxestogie

    Water Deprivation Before Transplanting

    These are excerpts from an interesting article on some recent research. Bob
  5. Chicken

    starting your plants under '' lights'' > share your experience,

    after the bad weather we have been having,,, and the in-ability for me to take the seedlings out daily, ive decided to just take some extra flourescent housings i had, 4 footers,,, and put them on a timer and just start them indoors,{in cases of good weather i will let them get some...