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  1. H

    DIY or where to buy Wintergreen Flavouring

    Hey guys, hoping to get some insight into making my own wintergreen flavouring for homemade dip. Very new to the smokeless tobacco world and Ive had to start looking into making my own as this virus has somewhat cut off my usual means of getting Copenhagen Wintergreen in Australia. Im just...
  2. Bryceckc

    Flavoring DIY Snus wintergreen

    Hey guys. I’m a noob and currently making my first batch of snus. My mix is: 161g Nicotina Rustica 41g fronto 39g Maryland 609 39g burley 39g Virginia flue cured 60g mixed stems from formally mentioned tobacco 58g salt desalted in 2.3 cups water (More water was added 24 hours later when snus...
  3. C

    A Few Homemade Dip Questions From A Noob!

    I have been studying up on making my own dip and had a few questions. I haven't read every single thread, YET, probably because most of them I read there are lot of tangents that open up... not a bad thing at all. I'm still in the sponge phase of my tobacco education, soaking up all the...