Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. BAGraphics

    What if I get mold on my stored wrapper?

    What is the best way to store wrapper and binder leaf so that it is ready, or close to ready without growing mold? ...And what to do if mold does appear on binder or wrapper leaf that was stored damp. I found a few references to 50/50 white vinegar and distiller water spray and then drying. Bruce
  2. D

    When to store in vapor proof bags?

    Question: people say that after flue curing or kilning you should wait a month or more before smoking. During that time, should the tobacco be stored in cardboard boxes or hung in order for gases produced in the curing process to escape, or can you put them right into vapor proof bags right...
  3. deluxestogie

    Containers for Shredded Tobacco

    Here are some containers from Uline that seem to be suitable for storage of shredded tobacco. For pipe blends, the smaller sizes are ideal. (Uline offers even smaller sizes for tiny batches.) For cigarette shred, the larger sizes are probably more convenient. Although I've cited only...