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  1. nystuga

    Flue cured still smells of raisin?

    Hi everybody! This is my second year of growing tobacco. All good, I had 9 different strains going on this year. Made myself a kiln ( thanks to Bob and Amaxb for their advice) Running my third patch at the very moment, the first two game out as good as I would have ever thought! Nice golden...
  2. ericthered

    Peanuts? Nah. Ima grow tobacco!

    Greetings everyone, from Suffolk, VA, the "peanut capital" of the world! This past April I moved my family from the city to the country to a new house we had built on a 10 acre plot. We have about 2 acres cleared, so the wife started a vegetable garden and it's been doing better than expected...
  3. S

    A couple of Question re:Burley

    So I have some Burley I harvested last year, and that was my first attempt at growing. I never realized the importance of remembering the variety of Burley planted so I have no idea what kind it is. But here are my questions. 1. Is it best to keep it lightly moist or let it dry up to the point...
  4. HercDriver

    Seed to Cigar: My journey to grow, harvest, ferment and roll my own cigars!

    Hello FTT! It was suggested I check this site out so here I am. I wanted to start a thread to showcase my journey from "Seed to Cigar". I purchased four different strains of seed from Sustainable Seed Company to try out. They are Connecticut Broadleaf, Habano 2000, Cuban 98 and Havana 608. I...
  5. AmaxB

    Mix It Up - Tobacco in a POT

    To mix my tobacco blend I usually use a big tub, but have wanted a better way for a long time. Been thinking about how to go about this for some time, have found another use for a ceiling fan. . . I've not yet put the mixing paddles inside, that will get done tomorrow. Am going to tell ya how...
  6. AmaxB

    I'm off the wall Brother

    Cigars been thinking about this the last few weeks. Today I decided to give it a shot, never been much for cigars but now that I have learned to grow and work with tobacco who knows... After making the one in the photo I think I will need to practice on getting the draw right. Rounding the end...
  7. AmaxB

    AmaxB- Flue Curing Tobacco at Home: Wins & Fails

    I built a grand chamber to Flue Cure my Tobacco it has been tested and proven to work. A link to my chamber build thread - Now I must establish my process. . . The photo above is from my second...
  8. D

    Curing Tobacco for Cigarettes

    Last year my focus was on growing tobacco. and the final results of that tobacco show it. I have 15 lbs of tobacco I produced in only 220 square feet of space. sadly all that tobacco is suffering in the way of taste. I air cured it all which as it turns out was not the best choice for all of it...
  9. tempbond

    Hi everyone, new smoker, soon to be grower

    I've been smoking cigars regularly for about 2 years now and I want to try and grow my own tobacco and roll my own cigars. I know it won't be easy, but with a bit of help from you guys, sure it'll be fun ! I already have 2 seed varieties and 5 more on the way, gonna start seeding indoors...
  10. deluxestogie

    Shirazi Morphology

    Shirazi: a morphological discussion Shirazi, classed as an Oriental tobacco, is named for the southwestern Iranian city of Shiraz. Although it has pink blossoms, its leaf shape is unlike any other Oriental that I have seen. A search of the Internet, GRIN, the Nicotiana Project (Doug...
  11. deluxestogie

    Old Photos of Perique Manufacture

    The Louisiana Digital Library has, among countless other things, a collection of superb photos of Perique production. They're all copyrighted, so I'll just give a link to the advanced search. When you reach that page, enter Guglielmo...
  12. H

    An Old book about processing Cigar leaves

    Hello I've found that old book which holds some useful info. Curing and Fermentation of Cigar Leaf Tobacco (1899) you can read it online at Enjoy Hakamo0o
  13. deluxestogie

    Learning to Roll a Cigar: an Abstract Comment

    Roll one or two cigars a day, until you get better at it. The process of learning to hand-roll a smokable cigar is a sensory-motor skill, like learning to play a guitar. When you read about how it's done, or watch an on-line video of an experienced torcedor, you may acquire all the essential...
  14. FmGrowit

    Green Brior Burley added to collection. Thanks dkh2

    dkh2 has donated a large quantity of Green Brior Burley to the Fair Trade Tobacco seed collection collection. A hardy "Thank you" goes out to Dan
  15. FmGrowit

    Members seed contributions and list

    The Seed bank is CLOSED until further notice...unless you are a contributing member. If you're a contributing member and want some seeds, just send me a PM. Several of you guys have offered to send seeds for the cause. I'd like to put together an entire collection of available seeds to offer...
  16. FmGrowit

    FREE Heirloom Tobacco seeds program SUSPENDED

    The Free Seed program has been suspended until further notice. It's too late in the season to send seeds and expect a crop from them. Regular contributing members can still request seeds, just send me a PM. Register to become a member and after making five (5) posts on the forum, you will...