Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. BarG

    Topping Burley

    So thats how your supposed to top burly. Cool video Larry. I have been using those upper most small leaves for some great cigar filler though from the plants you sent last year.
  2. A


    I need to know the details on topping. Do I just get rid of the flower thing or take some leaves with it? Also, when do I do this, as soon as possible or wait for it to open? Thanks. Picture is from yesterday.
  3. deluxestogie

    Removing Suckers with a Knife

    In the past, I've usually removed suckers with my fingers, just snapping them off. If I discovered one too big to snap easily, I cut it off with a knife. This year, I made an effort to remove suckers as early as possible, with the thought that a sucker is not only a useless set of leaves...