Whole Leaf Tobacco


  1. deluxestogie

    Talking Plants: Bugs vs. Jasmonate Activation

    Or Why I'm confused. This is a painless discussion of plant injury and response. Sorry, but I couldn't resist this attractive, color-coordinated diagram. Just notice the top edge (with the caterpillar) and know that "JA" stands for jasmonate. A bug bite triggers a cascade of responses...
  2. deluxestogie

    Water Deprivation Before Transplanting

    These are excerpts from an interesting article on some recent research. Bob
  3. DrBob

    Big Bonner's Seedlings

    Early this spring I bet My tobacco farm on my new friend Larry a real tobacco farmer. I had him start my tobacco seedlings. I did not plant a single seed myself this year, I ordered my seedlings from him instead. I really did'nt have the proper greenhouse to do it myself and I reasoned that...