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  1. deluxestogie

    Review of Turkish Bitlis from Whole Leaf Tobacco

    If you're looking for an authentic "Turkish" aroma, like you find in Camel cigarettes, then FmGrowit's Bitlis, available on the www.wholeleaftobacco.com site, is the ticket. When I open the vapor-proof bag, it shouts, "Turkish Tobacco!" The name, Bitlis, is both a town and its surrounding...
  2. deluxestogie

    Comparing the morphology of Izmir Ozbas, Smyrna #9 and Xanthi Yaka 18A

    Here, I discuss the physical attributes of Izmir Ozbas, Smyrna #9 and Xanthi Yaka #18A, since I am currently growing these. All three were sourced from the National Plant Germplasm System - GRIN Nicotiana Collection. Izmir-Ozbas: Turkey 1984 GRIN_Pi494157 Smyrna No.9: Turkey 1962...